McDaniel College Budapest 


(42 credits) Basic Major

Required courses:

PSI 1101 Introduction to Political Science
Two courses from Political Inquiry:

PSI 1111 Early Western Political Thought, or
PSI 1112 Modern Western Political Thought, or
PSI 2219 Research Design and Methods (Prerequisite: Completion of PSI 1101)
Guided Independent Study (at least two credits) PSI 1198 – 4499

PSI 4492 Senior Seminar (Capstone)
Three or four courses from American Politics*:

PSI 2201 American Political Institutions
PSI 2202 State & Local Government
PSI 2207 American Public Policy
PSI 2215 Environmental Policy
PSI 2216 United States Campaigns & Elections
PSI/BUA 3305 Public Administration
PSI 3308 American Constitutional Law
PSI 3319 American Civil Liberties
Three or four courses from International Relations/Comparative Politics*:

PSI 2203 International Law & Organization
PSI 2204 Approaches to International Relations
PSI 2205 The European Union: History, Institutions and Major Policies (available at the Budapest campus only)
PSI 2213 Comparative Politics of Western European Polities
PSI 3307 U.S. Foreign Policy
PSI/CCS 3310 Politics of Developing Areas
PSI/CCS 3317 Comparative Politics of Communist & Post-Communist Political Systems
* Students must take a total of seven courses from the above two groups

Parliament of Hungary