McDaniel College Budapest 

McDaniel Prize 2014
This semester, McDaniel College' s Budapest campus will be holding the McDaniel Prize for Undergraduate Research.

First prize: Remission on all textbooks for the following academic year; or, if won by a graduating senior or a Westminster campus student, equivalent gift certificate for

Other prizes: Complementary prizes for finalists.

All finalists who follow through with suggested changes made by referees and jurors will have the opportunity to publish their work.

Basic criteria for submissions:
  • 2,000-4,000 word research papers or critical essays.
  • Footnotes in Chicago Style, with acceptable Reference sections.
Criteria for evaluation by referees
  • Originality and contribution to the scholarly field in question.
  • Demonstration that the author has identified the place in the field.
  • Engagement with relevant secondary literature.
  • Presentation of interesting and important evidence.
  • Depth of understanding.
  • Writing that clearly explains important ideas, evidence, etc.
  • Demonstration that the author understands key theories and concepts.
  • Demonstration that author validly interprets evidence.
Process of and deadlines for submission and evaluation (subject to revision)
  • Rough draft of paper should be submitted for a preliminary evaluation by the competition coordinators. The paper will be returned with commentary concerning any shortcoming that need to be remedied before submission to faculty referees. Anytime before or by May 7.
  • Paper submitted to faculty referees. May 14.
  • Oral presentation round. May 20.
Submissions should be sent to In the meantime, feel free to approach Dr. Adamson with any questions about the Prize, or submitting a paper.

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